Deluxe Double Pergola Kit With Premium Cedar
Deluxe Double Pergola Kit With Premium Cedar
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Deluxe Double Pergola Kit With Premium Cedar

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Offering just the perfect amount of sunshine and a refreshing breeze, our Double Pergola gives a distinct personality to your outdoor living area and stands out with its modern and versatile look.

The Double Pergola Kit for 4x4 comes in many sizes and has several options. You can buy it all with the wood and shade, and have everything delivered to your door. We ship items up to 10′ long. 

16 18 20 22 24
8 x 16 (W+S) 8 x 18  (W) 8 x 20  (W+S) 8 x 22  (S) 8 x 24 (S)
10 x 16  (W+S) 10 x 18  (W) 10 x 20  (W+S) 10 x 22  (S) 10 x 24 (S)
12 x 16 (S) 12 x 18  (S) 12 x 20 (S) 12 x 22  (S) 12 x 24  (S)

W = Wood Option  |  S = Double Shade Option

The advantages of our Double Pergola Kits:

  • Everything delivered to your door
  • Premium Cedar Wood (80% FOHC)
  • Electrogalvanized & powder coated 1/8" steel Oblong holes for easy fit
  • Extended variations (T and L)
  • Greater modularity within Korto hardware collections
  • All screws included (stainless steel with black head)

The advantages of our Shade Sail:

  • Synthetic HDPE (high-density polyethylene) knitted fabric
  • Permeable fabric to drain water through
  • Easy to wash but hard to stain
  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Easy to take down for winter or if a storm approaches
  • Excellent quality


The given dimensions are the inside of the pergola. The external dimension will be 8" wider and the Sun Shade are designed to allow a 2-inch gap all around it. For example, the 8x8 Pergola will be 8' x 8' inside, 8'8" x 8'8" outside and its Sun Shade will measure exactly 91" x 91". 

See the Sun Shade page for their exact dimensions.

Choosing Korto for your outdoor projects is opting for excellent quality products from Canada at a clearly advantageous price with exceptional customer service!

Included in the kit

  • 256 Screws
  • 4 Steel Corner Connectors
  • 2 Steel Bridge Connectors
  • 6 Steel Bases
  • Shade Option; Canvas Footman Loop & Corner Canvas Holder
  • 4x4 Premium Cedar Wood


4 hour(s)
x 2
Need help?

Tools needed

  • Drill & drill bits
  • Saw (kit with wood not included only)
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Rubber mallet

Extra material needed

  • Wood, if not bought as an option

Free shipping included*


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