Modern Milt and Korto Structures join forces to present to you products and kits to enhance your backyard living area. 

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Korto offers do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions that enhance the outdoor living space. Korto offers quality design at excellent prices to both casual crafters and professionals. Korto was born out of Multinautic, a leader in the marine industry. 

 pergola structure from Canada

Offering just the perfect amount of sunshine and a refreshing breeze, our single Pergola gives a distinct personality to your outdoor living area and stands out with its modern and versatile look. The Single Pergola Kit for 4x4 comes in many sizes and has several options. You can buy it all with the wood and shade, and have everything delivered to your door. We ship items up to 10' long.


Our customizable elevated square planter box kit delivers a timeless aesthetic solution to homeowners living in urban or rural sectors. It is the perfect planter box kit for growing vegetables, herbs, plants, and flowers and ideal for patios, porches, backyards, decks, and balconies.

Choose between including your precut Eastern white cedar with the kit OR Buying wood separately at your local lumberyard and have them cut it, or cut it yourself.


planter box with cedar from canada

Choose the length of aluminum corners for your DIY Planter Box project: 4' Corners Elevated Planter Box 6' Corners Elevated Planter Box 8' Corners Elevated Planter Box You can easily cut through the aluminum corners to achieve the height and project you dream of. Buy wood separately at your local lumberyard and have them cut it, or cut it yourself. Once assembled, not a single screw will be visible. Korto's exclusive aluminum extrusion design allows for easy and robust assembly. It is designed for use with 5/4" thick boards (1" actual size). Boards slide easily into corners and assembly is rapid and convenient with just a few tools and little time. The high-quality aluminum corners are powder coated with a black finish.


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