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Kits for your backyard

Korto prepares trendy, contemporary and affordable kits that are ready to assemble, so that you can create the backyard living space you've always dreamed of. No matter which kit appeals to you, the assembly is done with ease and requires only a good electric drill and half a day at your disposal. Whether you live in an urban center or in the countryside, our DIY Kits are versatile, convenient and fit perfectly in all types of backyards, gardens, terraces & balconies.


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Made in Canada

Korto’s got you covered for all your Do-It-Yourself projects or for the completion of a structure, all high-quality hardware designed in Quebec, Canada.

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Affordable ideas to improve your backyard

Korto's planter sets are not only customizable, they are timeless. They can be custom-built to your needs and desired dimensions. Boxed planters provide excellent growing conditions for your seedlings and plants. They simplify edible gardening, while being durable, attractive and prolific.

Latest pro tips

At Korto, we love everything that’s backyard living. People everywhere have their own ideas about the benefits of backyard living and let’s agree that nobody would ever say no to some free time in the backyard! What’s incredible about this relatively new outdoor living culture is that there are endless possibilities to create your own space that mirrors your personality. Bringing the comfort of the inside to the outside is just pleasurable and fun. If you're new to gardening, we've made a little guide to get you started!

Let's start with the Korto guide:  Gardening for beginners