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Get inspired: Pimp up the ambiance of your pergola

Get inspired with Korto with our modern & backyard pergola ideas. Highly versatile, pergolas create a very trendy backyard look. You can adapt your pergola to your personal preferences and needs: 

Adding a Korto Pergola Shade Sail to your structure: Adding a shade sail to your pergola gives a more complete look to your structure. Korto offers its pergola shade sale in charcoal color online or in stores

Installing a privacy wall: Transform your backyard or deck with the panel privacy screen, available soon at Korto! Privacy panels are ideal to create privacy, to hide a neighbor's unsightly backyard, block unwanted direct sunlight or to frame an outdoor room. 

Installing planter boxes with plants of various sunlight levels needed: Korto’s planter boxes look great underneath a pergola! Plant your favorite plants and herbs that need full or partial shading (with a shade sail) and they will strive under a perfect amount of sunshine and create a colorful, lively ambiance. 

Varnishing of the structure: It is not necessary to dye cedar, since this type of wood is much less likely to putrefy (decay or rot) than all other types of wood and is impregnated by its own natural oils. However, since wood is a product of nature, changes in temperature such as rain and sun could affect the condition of the boards over time. Dyeing your wood will create a long-lasting shine to your structure! See our blog post “How to protect and maintain cedar” for more information. 

Embellish the structure with a set of outdoor lights: Setting outdoor lights can highlight your structure itself, but also makes it easier to navigate around the outside of your home, creates a welcoming atmosphere for all to enjoy and even allows for nighttime outdoor grilling! 

Create additional shading and personality with vines or creepers: Vines or other climbing plants can be grown to it to provide delicate shade on the terrace. See this article “Best Vines to Grow on Pergolas and Arbors” for inspiration! 

Adding outdoor dining set, couch, BBQ: Outdoor dining table allows you to enjoy a meal while benefiting of your backyard and the joys of the summer season! An outdoor couch creates places to sit, relax, chat and fill in your outdoor environment to create a better atmosphere! And of course, the BBQ… and even an outdoor cooking island to prepare the meal outside! 

Adding an outdoor heater: An outdoor heater allows to be outdoors for a longer time, especially for those post-summer evenings when the temperature get cooler! 

Article’s cover photo by Modernmilt