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New to Gardening and Need Some Advice?

Gardening for beginners

For help you, Korto introduces its Beginner Gardener's Sheet which is full of useful information to get you started with your gardening projects.

It is important to follow the recommendations for each vegetable, plant, fruit and herb, regarding when to plant and harvest. It is also necessary to know how deep to plant your seeds to optimize your growth and the soil depth criteria for each of them.

When you are just starting to garden, it is also beneficial to start with seeds that are easier to maintain and grow quickly!

Also, did you know that every seed you plant has good and bad neighbors? This means that, depending on the type of seeds, you will have to be careful about which other seeds to plant it next to. Good neighbors: grow well next to each other. Bad neighbors: do not grow well next to each other, or the growth will not be optimal!

Finally, a typical beginner's mistake, that is easy to prevent, is properly watering. Either you water too much at once, or you don't water enough! A plant only needs two things to grow well: Sunlight and proper soil hydration.

Are you interested in gardening? Do you think the information we've introduced here could help you get started with your gardening projects?

That's why Korto has specially formulated a Beginner Gardener's Sheet that answers all these questions: Gardening for beginners. We invite you to consult it today!

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