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How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden

Korto’s garden kits are made out of raw materials that blend well with the environment, like our carefully selected Eastern white cedar wood. So even though we produce products that are good for the environment and we like animals, we still like eating whole vegetables that have not been previously nibbled at!

Get a Dog

A first funny suggestion to keep squirrels out of your garden is to get a dog! And if you’re already a dog mom or dad, let your dog out in the backyard more often! Most dogs love to chase squirrels and this is advantageous for us, since it scares them away! Of course, don't get us wrong, you don't have to buy a dog just to keep the squirrels away. A dog is a lifelong responsibility and becomes a family member.

Don’t Feed Them

An obvious solution is not to feed them, even if they are cute! If you start feeding them, they will come back to you for more... And may even bring their friends!

Set Up a Buffet

If humans are entitled to eating beautiful fresh vegetables from the garden... Squirrels also love their buffet! If they tend to eat your vegetables, put some nuts on a plate at the opposite end of the garden in your backyard.

Keep Your Garden and Backyard Tidy

Picking up fallen nuts, berries, and other garden debris that squirrels might find tasty means you won't be setting out an all-you-can-eat welcome mat. Garden thievery can be reduced as well. Keeping your lawn well cut will also keep the garden debris away.

Plant Mint and Tomatoes

Peppermint plants have a strong odour that squirrels avoid, as well as tomatoes that are acidic. To deter robbers, plant mint pots and tomatoes around the perimeter of your vegetable garden.

Tidy Trash Cans/Garbage Space

Your garbage cans could encourage animals to pay you a visit you at your address... Make sure your garbage space is as clean and tidy as possible. You could even set up a garbage enclosure or shed to ensure maximal coverage and shields.

Get a Greenhouse

If you want maximal protection for your plants and vegetables, get a greenhouse! This option is one of Korto’s favourite since we are currently on the drawing board for one. With this option, no small animals or insects will ever be able to go eat your vegetables!

Get a Water Park for the Squirrels!

Obviously, it won’t be as much fun as for a human, but it will keep them away! There are motion-activated sprinkler systems that can track anything from squirrels to deer away from your garden and backyard. This solution is gentler than an intervention with chemical products.

Sprinkle Them With Something a Little Bit Spicier Than Water!

Now, if they liked the water park… They will love the spicy water park! Don’t get us wrong. You don’t actually sprinkle the squirrels with Tabasco sauce! Just sprinkle a mixture of cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, paprika, or other spicy seasonings around the base of the plants. According to some gardeners, this does the trick. You could also spray some on your favorite vegetables or fruits that are the most precious to you, to fool squirrels into thinking your produce isn't such a tasty treat.

Protect the Soil

If squirrels have been digging in your pots or stealing your bulbs, make sure to use a heavyweight mulch, such as bricks, decorative rocks, or grass so they won’t be able to dig in anymore.

Use Netting or Fencing

If you have tried simpler solutions and the squirrels still keep coming back to eat your precious vegetables, you can install some netting and fencing around your plantations. You can install bird netting around fruits and vegetables that are ripening and coloring.

We hope these solutions will work for you to keep Alvin and the Chipmunks away from your garden.