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How to Preserve Your Fresh Herbs Longer

You work so hard to grow your own herbs, and you're proud to have seen them grow for weeks and months long. It's so delicious to be able to taste your own herbs in any recipe! Fresh herbs such as basil, parsley or cilantro are often associated with the hot summer months. What if we could enjoy the flavors of our garden all year round? There are some tricks that exist to preserve our herbs for a longer time!

Sure, most fresh herbs are available for purchase year-round at the grocery store, but when you’re growing your own you want to capture that unique, homegrown flavor and stretch it out as long as possible.

First off, you can make fresh herbs ice cubes. Simply chop any herb in a mixer or with a knife and add enough oil or water to coat the leaves in the ice cube tray. Whenever you want to use a cube, you just toss it into the recipe for extra flavor!

Another great way to preserve your fresh herbs is to make infused oils or vinegars. We suggest you visit this website to help you in the process.

Another great preservation alternative is to make fresh herbs butter. For example, mix your homegrown chives with some butter, by blanching them. There are many amazing fresh herbs butter recipes on the Internet to inspire you! The Boulder Locavore website offers a detailed guide on how to make your own herbs butter.

Of course, an easy way to preserve your herbs is to dry them! Fresh parsley and basil are excellent when added to different sauces and stews! Mint can also be dried out and infused in warm water for a good cup of tea.

Good luck growing your herbs and enjoy tasting them.