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Plants that Repel Insects

Do you want to enjoy being outdoors but get annoyed with insect attackers? Even though your plants are much less likely to be affected by insects when they are grown in KORTO garden kits, know that you can still increase their protection with specific plants that are effective to repel flies and mosquitoes. Here are some of the most repellent-effective plants that you can grow in your garden that can be consumed (fresh herbs), that have wonderful scents but also make your outdoor space more beautiful.


To be effective against flies and mosquitoes, basil has to be crushed. Therefore, when you harvest it to put in your recipes, the vapor from its juice will turn the predator insects away. If you want to use it even more efficiently, you can cut some basil and mix it in a spray bottle with some water and a little vodka then spray it around your outdoor patio set and other outdoor furniture.


Mint is very effective to repel bugs of all kinds. It grows extremely fast and only needs minimal care. Besides being great at keeping bugs away, mint is a great herb to use in salads, drinks (such as mojitos!) and desserts.


You've probably already noticed some people carrying small bags of lavender in their gym bag or put it in their drawer to keep a good, fresh scent. But originally, people used to do that to keep the bugs out…


Garlic does not only repel vampires! It repels mosquitoes (other type of bloodsuckers!). Humans eating garlic won’t help repel them, contrarily to urban legends. But if you leave a crushed clove in a small, open container next to the plant, the insect will die after consuming it. In the meantime, you get to enjoy a romantic Italian dinner with garlic bread and spaghetti!


The citronella oil that repels mosquitoes comes from lemongrass. It is so effective that it will kill or repel almost all of the mosquitoes that dare to approach the plant. A study conducted a few years ago has even demonstrated that 95% of mosquitoes were killed or completely repelled due to the intense odor of the oil produced by lemongrass.

Bayleaf or Bay Laurel

Bayleaf or bay laurel is known to repel flies. Its scent also deters ants, fleas and roaches.


This plant is the most effective one out of all the other plants listed here. The Queen of repellents! This innocent-looking blower contains pyrethrum, a chemical that repels and kills mosquitoes, ticks, spider mites, roaches, and more. Chrysanthemum is the ingredient used in flea shampoos and sprays as well as insecticides.


Rosemary is most effective when the scent of its oil is released. You can crush the plant, mix it in a spray bottle with some water then spray it around your outdoor patio set and other outdoor furniture. Plus, it will smell incredibly amazing for us, humans! Google “homemade rosemary repellent spray” to follow a more detailed recipe. You will need to follow steps with some boiling water.

Lemon Thyme

Lemon thyme of the thyme family is another citrus-flavored herb that repels insects. But to achieve that effect, you’ll need to bruise its leaves. Pick a few sprigs, crush them, and let them sit nearby while you enjoy the sunset on the patio. Then take them into the kitchen to add to a marinade.