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The 5 Best Apps to Improve Your Gardening Skills

Whether you’re a green-thumbed professional or a gardening beginner, there are a range of gardening apps that can improve your knowledge in the domain so you can get the best out of the gardening season.

Planta (score: 4.7/5)

The Planta app is a plant identifier app that lets you take a snap of your plant and will identify it for you, give you an overview of your plant; from when to water it to selecting a good luminous site for your plant and a care schedule. But Planta is not just efficient with plants. Their plant, flower, fresh herb, vegetable and fruit database is huge and lets you know how to care for each of them! It gives you plant reminders and you get individual care schedules so you get to keep track of their growth and add your own notes and pictures.

BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine (score: 4.7/5)

This wonderful magazine lets you discover expert gardening advice, packed with loads of useful advice, tips and tricks and inspiration. Experts test gardening methods, tools and accessories for you and the app offers a large database of guides to get the best fruits, vegetables and herbs.

From Seed to Spoon Gardening (score: 4.7/5)

This very special app gives you information on herbs, vegetables and fruits, based on their associated health benefits (Good for anemia, bones and joints health, brain and memory, cancer-fighting, diabetes, energy, eye health, etc.). It also helps you avoid pests and diseases with planting strategies and identify and eliminate garden pests with natural methods.

Planter: Garden Planner (score: 4.2/5)

This app is quite good with its graphics! It has a square foot gardening layout grid to plan easy spacing and choose vegetables that grow well together. It has information on more than 60 fruits and vegetables, with hundreds of varieties. Planter makes gardening easier for both beginners and long-time gardeners.

Veggie Garden Planner (score: 3.9/5)

Provides you with the right information you need to quickly build your garden. With good & bad influences between vegetable varieties, so you can choose species that work well together (good and bad neighbours!)