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The Origins Backyard Living

When you think of backyards, you think of barbecues, family parties and relaxing down times. But that wasn't always the case! In the past, the backyard was not a place for recreation or free time; it was a place for hard work!

To get a detailed picture of the backyard living, one has to go back to the late 1800s. At that time, even households that did not live in a strictly rural setting used their backyards, which were actually called a land. The land played a crucial role in the support and vitality of the household's economy, involving farming and livestock breeding, which met the nutritional needs of the entire household. For households that lived more on handicrafts, much of the work was done in the backyard, either to perform the work or to store equipment.

After the Second World War, the economy of the United States and Canada were revitalized. The development of supermarket chains was in full swing, stimulated by the invention of the mall and other retail models. This economic change allowed families to buy in larger quantities without having to care for or grow the products themselves, thanks to new technologies for food preparation and storage. It was now time to find a new use for the backyard…

The household economy then moves from an autonomous economy to a broader culture of consumption. This means that the role of leisure in the life of the average household increases significantly. It’s not that we now get more time, but more space as well.

The new post-war normality was therefore to possess a green space for relaxation and leisure. The backyard was no longer used for mere practicality; it became a space that demonstrated our personal accomplishments and status in society, a true symbol of the "American Dream."

Now that we had more physical space and time for relaxation, all we needed was a comfortable rest area. This is where the terrace, the patio, the act of barbecuing, the private swimming pool and the modern pergola are introduced, and more backyard installations.

Today, the backyard is a highly coveted part of the home as a key place to create a reflection of our values, interests and personality. We create our own essence of the backyard living to spend quality time with family and friends and to enjoy the moments of relaxation we grant ourselves. The backyard has not always played this role, but it has always played a vital role in our lives.