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Why do we include cedar in our products?

Western Red Cedar

Korto uses high quality Western Red Cedar from Canada in the confection of its Pergola Kits, of which the wood is included. The quality of western red cedar is exceptional:

We offer only the most perfect planks of wood that are all 80% Free of Heart Center (FOHC). This kind of premium wood is mold resistant, torsion resistant & durable and has unmatched dimensional stability. Being impregnated with its own natural oils, Western Red Cedar is one of the few types of wood with natural preservative properties, making it remarkably durable.

The wood chosen by Korto is therefore free of defects due to the structure of the wood itself, to formation anomalies and to external agents such as humidity, mold (decay), fungi and parasites.

By choosing Korto's “With Wood/Cedar” option for your Pergola kit, you are also opting for many years of performance, as Western Red Cedar has a life expectancy far superior to other popular types of wood found in hardware stores.

Western Red Cedar can be dyed or painted without difficulty. With proper finishing and maintenance, your structure will retain its original shine for many years.

Eastern White Cedar

Having a strong preference towards high quality materials, our planter box, if purchased with wood included, is made of high quality Eastern White Cedar from the Province of Quebec.

Eastern white cedar has the ability to be impregnable: it cannot rot, decay or rot. It is kiln-dried, allowing the removal of excess moisture in the wood. The moisture level is reduced to 12% to 14%, allowing the wood to work less, meaning it will be less likely to warp over time.

Should you decide to purchase the planter kit without the included wood, Korto still recommends that you choose cedar to complete your structure, given its ability to be impervious. The natural oil found in cedar has the ability to age well over time and to repel insects that like to lodge in the moist waves of wood, without the need for treatment or staining.

Although the wood supplied in the Korto planter kit is of superior quality and will have much less chance of imperviousity than any other type of wood, temperature changes such as rain and sun could affect the condition of the boards, since wood is still a product of nature!

In general, treated wood found in stores or hardware stores is not kiln-dried. There will be a high level of humidity in the board, making it much more likely to rot than the Eastern white cedar supplied by Korto, which is accessible to smaller budgets and is rarely found in stores.

If you want to put all the chances on your side with your Korto wood planter set, place a wooden stick inside the planter, which will be screwed to the boards to solidify the whole. On the other hand, minor alterations to your Eastern white cedar planks will probably not compromise the overall aesthetics of your planter.