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The Pergola, Versatile and Elegant

Pergola is an Italian word that came from pergula in Latin, which is defined as "an arbor made of posts or columns and lattice beams used to support climbing plants''. Its simple structure is made of roof-shaped horizontal beams supported by columns.

Its first uses date back to ancient times. The pergola was invented to allow oneself a moment sheltered from the hot Mediterranean sun. But preferring shade to sunshine does not mean having to stay indoors!

The pergola is a modern construction adjacent to the house which has become a space where it feels good to be alive. Today, stronger materials are used to support the wooden beams, like securing them with steel connectors.

It's not just for aesthetics: it relieves intense sunlight, without cutting off daylight, while leaving a refreshing breeze, unlike a gazebo, cabana or veranda.

Highly versatile, pergolas create a very trendy backyard look. Vines or other climbing plants can be grown to it to provide delicate shade on the terrace. It can also be equipped with a waterproof shade sail or a light and elegant veil. To make the space even cozier, small lights, lanterns or flowers can be hung on the beams, creating a beautiful cozy and warm space.

The pergola looks great when structured over a patio, adjacent to the house, in an open courtyard, by the pool or over your garden paths. Whether you choose to place it in one location or another, it has the ability to add definition to your backyard. It can add character to an existing space or create a whole new space at your liking. If you want to give a specific purpose to an outdoor area or simply highlight a defined space, a pergola is the ideal solution.

By reinforcing the welcoming character of the backyard and creating a true lounging paradise, our Korto pergola collection has the power to improve the ambiance and appearance of your garden or backyard in no time! You can order with optional Premium Western Red Cedar & Shade Sail.