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Whether it’s by practicing square foot gardening and growing food you didn’t even know could be grown in urban areas or by living your best apero-moment underneath your pergola, there is something special and refreshing for everyone with Korto’ propositions. In this blog, you will be able to learn more about the history of your chosen structure, its function and its versatility. Not to mention our gardening tips and tricks that are essential for all gardeners, whether you’re a beginner, an expert or want to enjoy gardening with your whole family!

  • What is DIY

    DIY is short for “Do It Yourself”. This movement originated in the United States. It refers to the act of creating a product that can be purchased ready-made in a...

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  • Plants that Repel Insects

    Do you want to enjoy being outdoors but get annoyed with insect attackers? Even though your plants are much less likely to be affected by insects when they are grown...

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  • The Pergola, Versatile and Elegant

    Pergola is an Italian word that came from pergula in Latin, which is defined as "an arbor made of posts or columns and lattice beams used to support climbing plants''. Its...

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  • Seeding: more in demand than ever in Quebec

    Since the beginning of the global pandemic, gardening has become increasingly popular, not only among people with backyards, but also among those living in condos and apartments. Indoor plants and...

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  • How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden

    Korto’s garden kits are made out of raw materials that blend well with the environment, like our carefully selected Eastern white cedar wood. So even though we produce products that...

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  • How to Preserve Your Fresh Herbs Longer

    You work so hard to grow your own herbs, and you're proud to have seen them grow for weeks and months long. It's so delicious to be able to taste...

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  • The Origins Backyard Living

    When you think of backyards, you think of barbecues, family parties and relaxing down times. But that wasn't always the case! In the past, the backyard was not a place...

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